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3D Modeling

3d modellingASEMA's design house has a full suite of modeling & rendering software that is fully integrated & compatible with in-house drafting & analysis software. This enables ASEMA to produce components from their initial concept stage right through to detailed manufacturing drawings. An added benefit is the use of these models in 3D animation and motion analysis software for real-time simulations & determination of dynamic loading. ASEMA also has the ability to produce marketing & demonstration material to assist sales or information collaboration.

Performance Testing

performance testingASEMA has access to almost every testing facility imaginable and the engineering resources to accurately analyze all test results. Some of the recent testing performed by ASEMA is; static & dynamic friction of plaster, compressive strength of a rice-hull composite, boat & yacht drag characteristics, SWL & stability tests of cherry pickers, weld etching to determine penetration & weld-zone hardness profiles, fire rating of monorail floor materials and strain gauging to validate finite element analysis results.


industrialThe design and manufacture of general to heavy duty industrial machinery & equipment is the core business of ASEMA. With major projects including a 400 tonne, 34 cycles/min hydraulic press, elevating work platforms (cherry picker, paint booth), traffic control trailers (variable message boards), pneumatic lifters (plaster, duct, equipment), gantry cranes (1 - 20 tonne) and items as diverse as fully automatic, vehicle mounted, wheelie bin cleaners. There is no machine or industrial concept too difficult for ASEMA's innovative engineering team.


automotiveASEMA is continually involved with the design and manufacture of automotive components & after-market accessories for the majority of vehicle manufacturers in Australia. This ensures that our employees are kept abreast with the industries ever evolving procedures & quality standards (PPAPS, QS9001) and provides exposure to the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures. Notable projects include suspension supports, in-take manifolds, bulbar design, press tool design for clips & brackets, trailer axle design and cabin roll-over protection.


agriculturalThe industry of agriculture is realizing the benefits of well engineered machines & work-practices especially with the ever tightening safety regulations being enforced by Workcover (Worksafe). ASEMA is assisting many farming sectors and equipment manufacturers in improving their productivity and marketing advantage. With ongoing projects covering livestock handling, working at heights systems, automated manufacturing processes, factory design & layout, improved seeder implements and fence dropper manufacture, the full spectrum is catered for.


manufacturingASEMA has a full range of production capabilities including, sheetmetal, CNC milling & machining, laser-cutting, MIG & Arc welding of carbon steels & alloys, TIG welding of Stainless Steel, and all folding, cropping & punching processes. In addition all assembly and site installation work is carried out by qualified personnel to ASEMA's uncompromising levels of quality & workmanship. Full certification documentation accompanies all work performed by ASEMA, including weld specs, load testing, operation & maintenance manuals and and engineering sign-off
Every project, no matter how large or small, has a Project Manager assigned to its control. This ensures a singular point-of-contact for information transfer thus preventing costly miscommunication problems and guaranteeing a smooth transition between the design, drafting & production elements of the project. ASEMA's client's benefit from this management process because of the instilled confidence that effective control provides. Minor issues are detected & rectified early thus preventing Murphy's Law from having any significant detrimental effect.

Occupational Hazard Management

occupational hazard managementSafety is a primary concern of all ASEMA employees and every project undergoes a rigorous Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment process (HAZID & RA) via Hazard & Operability studies (HAZOP) and Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA). Occupational health and safety regulations and acts require this to be done by law, whether designing, manufacturing or even importing plant & equipment. ASEMA can provide independent safety advice and solutions to our clients for any of their production or operational requirements.

Electrical Design

electrical designASEMA fully designs, builds & tests all of the electrical & automation features that are required in each project. This compliments the mechanical design and allows ASEMA to provide its clients with complete support in a machines functionality, thus ensuring modifications & improvements can be performed easily & efficiently. All PLC and automation work is designed & managed in-house by ASEMA's electrical engineers.