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Roof1Asema International were the engineers of choice when Tiger Scaffold required new roof edge protection equipment that met the Australian Standards and work safe requirements.
Over two years were spent drawing, manufacture of prototype and testing to produce the best equipment required by roof installers, plumbers, solar panel installers and the small builder. 
This system will become a requirement Australia wide once the work safe laws become national.



ASEMA International have been intimately involved with the fledgling monorail manufacturers, Monorail Malaysia Technology. Assisting with all aspects of the vehicle design from the drive system to equipment mounting and structural analysis. ASEMA's original involvement was in the design of the vehicle propulsion system. This was achieved in cooperation with Rockwell Automation and Rossi Gearmotors. Run-time simulations performed by ASEMA International that incorporated all physical & environmental variables contributed to a drive package that allowed very efficient power regeneration down to zero speed.


Damascus College


ASEMA International modeled and refined the shape of things to come for the Damascus College Energy Breakthrough Team (DCEBT). Many hours were freely devoted to developing the most aerodynamically advanced canopy shape using the Pro Engineer 3D modeling package. The results speak for themselves following LumenateII's convincing victory. Photo - Damascus